TropicShade is the ultimate in design innovation, bringing you the opportunity to take charge of your environment and maximise the use of your outdoor space. Using quality materials and craftsmanship, our product is unmatched in terms of quality, function and price. We pride ourselves in delivering the best product and service you would expect from an Australian owned and operated company. With many years of experience, the team at TropicShade has designed and installed countless custom shade solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties in Australia, North America, Dubai and throughout Hawaii.

The Tropical North Australian climate led to the development of key features, improvements and benefits specifically catering to outdoor tropical living, making TropicShade roofing systems unmatched in terms of cost, functionality, warranty period and performance. This industry leading position guarantees the quality, experience, delivery and value demanded by discriminating home-owners and professionals alike. TropicShade offers a solution perfect for almost any property, making us the new standard in outdoor living!